YouTube Notifications: Are Your Subscribers Seeing Your Videos?

Some users mistake YouTube notifications for what they see in their Subscriptions feed. The Subscription feed shows all newly published videos from the channels the user is subscribed to when they go to YouTube and select Menu > Subscriptions.

On the other hand, notifications inform them of new videos and updates from the channels to which they've subscribed. To access the alerts window, they need to click on the bell icon next to their profile photo when they open YouTube.

Let's Learn More About YouTube Notifications

YouTube notifications are automatically set to Personalized when someone is subscribed to a channel. That means they will only get notifications from the channel regarding certain uploads and live streams. 

In this situation, the YouTube algorithm determines the notifications you receive depending on your viewing history, subscriber list, and other site behavior.

Aside from the personalized YouTube notification options, there are the All notifications and None options available for the users. 

Choosing the All notifications option means that they will get notified about every activity of the channel while the None option turns off all the notifications from the channel.

How to Make Sure Your Subscribers SEE Your Videos

YouTube notifications drive views to your videos. It ensures that the people who are genuinely interested in your content are aware that you have uploaded a new video.

You may not be able to control YouTube's changes in its system, but there is still something that you can do.

Ask both existing and new subscribers to click on the notification bell icon.

Also, let them know that it is best if they choose the All notifications option to ensure that they don't miss anything on their channel.

Let your viewers know that they can check their settings if they are not getting YouTube notifications.

A lot of notification issues are caused by viewer notification settings. You can ask your viewers to use the notifications troubleshooter if they aren't getting notifications.

Lastly, make sure to notify your subscribers whenever you upload videos.

When uploading a new video, check the Publish to Subscriptions feed and notify subscribers box in the Advanced settings.

Key Takeaway

You can always count on things to change. You can expect the same from the platforms that you are using for your content including YouTube.