YouTube Monetization: Does It Have to Take FOREVER?

Some people create a YouTube account for fun, but a lot of people start a YouTube channel hoping to earn some money.

That said, a lot of people aspire to get on that YouTube monetization train and join the YouTube Partner Program.

What Does the Partner Program Have to Do With YouTube Monetization?

You can get by with the platform's basic tools but the YouTube Partner Program grants you access to extra tools and resources that will significantly boost your career such as:

  • YouTube monetization features
  • YouTube creator support teams
  • A copyright match tool

How to Join the YouTube Partner Program?

So how do you join this program to get monetized on YouTube? First, you need three things:

  • 1,000 subscribers
  • 4,000 hours of watch time on your channel
  • AdSense account

Once you have all three, you can now apply for the YouTube Partner Program. Now what?

You need to wait for YouTube to review and approve your application. This brings us to the main point of this article.

How Long Do You Need to Wait for YouTube Monetization?

Will it take days? Months? Years? FOREVER? Not really.

If you are qualified for the program, you won't be waiting for too long. If you think about it, it is up to how fast you can complete the three requirements stated above.

Your first goals as a YouTuber should be working on getting subscribers and watch time on your channel.

This will probably take more time than waiting for your application to be approved.

Remember that content is king.

Provide quality content for your audience and boost your chances by investing in optimization, sounds, editing, and graphics.

Once you are in the YouTube Partner Program, the platform will give you permission to monetize your channel and use every advertisement type you can think of under the sun.

Reasons Why Some Channels Take Time to Get Monetized

Okay, not everyone who applied can get instantly approved to join the program. 

What could be the reason for the long wait?

The answer is quite simple: the coronavirus pandemic.

The review process for the YouTube Partner Program is not automated. The platform does not use software or algorithm to review the applications, it actually has human reviewers.

YouTube announced that creator support and applications for the program could take longer than usual because of reduced staffing. 


The experience will be different for every Youtube content creator. Focus on being an eligible applicant for YouTube monetization so that you can join the program and earn by posting what you are passionate about. 

You can take your YouTube career to the next level and get paid for doing what you love-- all you need to do is work on accomplishing at least the three basic requirements and you'll be on your way.