Top 5 YouTube Success Tips

Why do I need to know how to become successful on YouTube?

As a content creator, you will encounter some obstacles and challenges. You need to know how to overcome and approach those hard times to continue and make progress. These five tips will help you become successful on YouTube.

1. Organize your time away from the camera.

It is essential to use the time before stepping in front of the camera to be ready and more efficient when it’s time to record.

You can take advantage of this time by researching the chosen topic, preparing a script, listing essential points to discuss, and organizing your train of thought.

Note-taking apps come in handy as you manage your time away from the camera. I use Evernote - a free app that helps organize thoughts in notes and notebooks.

This tool will also help you ensure that the great ideas that pop into your mind don’t get lost wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Evernote is accessible using a phone, the web, or an apple watch where pressing one button would allow you to record your thoughts.

2. Find a designated spot to record.

Having a dedicated place to make videos was an absolute game-changer for me.

I have my camera and lighting set up ready to record.

I know exactly what to expect and this lowers the barriers that get in my way for making videos.

When you have a designated spot to record, all you need to do is walk into the room, turn on the camera and lights, and start talking. 

3. Remember: YouTube success is not measured by your high points but measured by how you respond to your low points.

Being successful on YouTube is extremely hard.

The aftermath of your high points must be dealt with because you won't experience them with every video.

At these times, keep moving forward.

Low points will come but don’t be discouraged or give up. Understanding that low points happen even before they occur helps you prepare mentally.

It’s like knowing how to steer the ship through the storm to make sure you make it out of the other end.

It doesn’t feel good to experience low points after putting in the effort creating new content. Despite this, do not panic, do not lose sight of the long-term goals you have set, and continue to move forward and put out content. 

4. Explore other creators in your niche.

One struggle is having “impostor syndrome,” or the idea that you are a copycat of somebody else.

Impostor syndrome stops you from watching others’ content because you are afraid that your content might end up being just like theirs.

It’s alright to use other creators as an inspiration.

See what type of content they are covering and note what topics resonate with the audience you are targeting. It is okay to put up videos with trending topics similar to other creators.

If others have a bigger channel, what you could do is go into their library and look into their videos a year or more ago and see if any topic might still be relevant to the trend of the current year.

The success of old videos will most likely decrease as time goes by, and this can be an opportunity to make a new video since other creators have already moved on to other topics.

Doing this is a great way to be successful on YouTube.

5. Have Fun.

A lot of people lose sight of having fun with their YouTube channel.

Why do you keep creating content if you are stressing out?

Enjoyment, having the freedom from creating videos, and living the life we want to live are just some of the reasons we choose to make content online.

Take your time to sit down and think about what makes you happy, then build content around that.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t feel good to build something successful that you don’t like doing.

Make sure that you have fun in the process as you decide how to make it thrive and apply what works for you.

You want to create the best content without burning yourself out.

Bear in mind that the decisions you make and the workflows you have put in place will foster a fun, enjoyable, freedom-filled life that will enable you to keep going and become successful on YouTube.