There a few touches you can add to your videos that just make them more professional. End screens is one of those touches and I'm going to show you how to add them to your videos. 

For on-screen visuals, please watch the video linked below.

There's a variety of different ways to add end screens, but I'm going to focus on a specific way to maximize viewership on your channel. We're going to give viewers a very specific path to take at the conclusion of each video.

Oh, and I'm going give you 50 free end screen templates to make it worth your while!

What You Need

  • A YouTube Channel (obviously)
  • A template from my free pack
  • At least 2 videos uploaded to your channel (you got to have something to link to in your end screen)
  • Video editing software that allows you to work with layers like Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Sony Vegas Pro, Filmora, etc. Google it. If you need a free tool, they are out there.
  • Advanced editing knowledge (You should be familiar with how to import clips, make jumpcuts, etc.)
  • Desktop computer (this tutorial uses a computer)

Editing Process

Your Normal Editor

Use your regular editing software to edit your video as you normally would.

When you're wrapping up your video, don't give too much lead time. You don't want to give people an early cue that it's time to bail. Make your ending quick and succinct.

Go to the end of your video.

Place the cursor in the video timeline where you want your end screen to begin.

Cut/slice out the end as a standalone clip.

Import the end screen template from my free pack that you want to use.

Drag it to the right location and layer. 

Resize it to cover your entire video screen.

Grab your cut end clip and put it on top. Select it and resize it. Place it in the appropriate area marked by a shadow rectangle. Your clip will remain playing as your end screen appears.

Save your file as you normally would and upload it to YouTube.

YouTube Editor

We still need to add the actual end screen elements that YouTube provides like a subscribe button, playlist, or specific video that you want to send viewers to next.

Open up your video in the YouTube video editor and click toward the end. Use your cursor to get a sense of where your end screen begins and ends.

I think YouTube gives you 20 seconds for the end screen. Personally, I'd never go more than 10.

Once you're at the beginning of your end screen, click the + to add your first element. In the video, I add a playlist and a subscribe button, you'll see that you can add other videos in various ways.

Pinpoint where the end screen starts. Zoom in if you need to. 

Place your cursor at the beginning. 

Hover your cursor over each end screen element until your see the left/right arrow point both ways. Click and drag each end screen element in the timeline back to that starting point you marked with your cursor.

Drag and drop your end screen elements into their proper locations on the video screen. These are indicated by the rectangular silhouettes in the end screen template.

That's it. Save your work and publish your video as you normally would.