Get More YouTube Subscribers Through Collaborations!

As you know, I run a YouTube channel and this blog to help creators like yourself grow their YouTube channels. 

One of the best ways to do that is to collaborate with other creators.

I'm going to show you 5 ways to set up collaborations to help you get more exposure and ultimately, to grow your channel.

5 Different Collabs to Help You Grow Your YouTube Channel

I'm not going to waste any time. Let's get right to the list.

1. Tab Collabs

This refers directly to the Community Tab on your YouTube channel. This tab is reserved for channels that have at least 1,000 subscribers. So, if you're not quite to that point yet, you will not have access to the Community Tab.

However, if you do have access, this is a great way to easily collaborate with other creators rather than trying to coordinate content recording and everything that entails.

This is simply an opportunity to cross-promote other channels on your Community Tab. For example, maybe you agree to promote every video they release for the next month, and they do the same.

If both channels have a similar audience, it's a great way to get additional exposure.

2. Playlist Collab

A playlist collab is when you set up a playlist on your channel and allow other creators to add videos to that playlist.

If you go into YouTube Studio and click Playlist in the left navigation, it will show you all of your playlists.

Create a new playlist and name it whatever you want.

In the Settings screen, click the ellipsis (three dots) menu and select Collaborate.

Toggle on the option in the pop-up. Then toggle on the option to allow new collaborators. YouTube will give you a link to share with collaborators. 

Those creators will be able to add videos to this playlist.

The cool thing about playlists is they have a viewer retention because they automatically feed into the next video once one is done playing.

3. Intro Collab

These next few collaboration methods are going to take a bit more effort.

This first one is the easiest since you don't have to send any video files back and forth. 

Basically, you create a video as you normally would, but include an intro to the other creator's channel in your video and link in the description.

The content should be similar and on a related topic.

You're letting your audience know there's another person creating similar content. 

In the meantime, the other creator does the same for you on their channel. This is an opportunity to gain subscribers from their channel and vice versa.

4. Guest Presenter Collab

With this method, you present a topic the video will cover, and then you introduce content from your collaborator to speak on the topic and cover it in its entirety. 

So, you start your video with an intro to let your audience know what the topic is about. Then the rest or body of the video will be content from your collaborator.

On the other hand, you create a video covering a topic and your collaborator presents the content to their audience.

You wrap your video at the end with any additional thoughts and and a call-to-action to visit your collaborator's channel.

5. Conversation Collab

This is when it looks like you and your collaborator are having a conversation. These videos are a little more in depth when it comes to planning and editing.

You can format it as a list of questions and answers. 

One of your askes the questions and the other answers. Then you edit the questions and answers together in one video as a conversation.

You can also do like a Top 10 list and do 5 items on each channel. 

Then you would just mention getting the other 5 and include a call-to-action to the other creator's channel.

BONUS - In-Person Collab

This is one I always wish I could do more of.

This is a great way to learn techniques from each other because it lets you see another creators video creation process.

Most of the in-person collaborations I've done have been at events and conferences and this is a great way to leverage these events for everything they have to offer. 

I think this is the best way to collaborate with others. 

How Are You Collaborating?

There are a ton of ways you can collab with other creators. I've just shared the basics here. How are you collaborating?