Animated YouTube Subscribe Button

You've probably seen these all over YouTube. Animated YouTube subscribe buttons are slick-looking when you add them to your video and they serve that ever present purpose of getting more subs.

You can't expect viewers to subscribe just because of your stellar personality. You must include that call-to-action in your video and an animated YouTube subscribe button is a great way to do it.

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I'm going to show you how to add an animated YouTube subscribe button right now! Let's get to it!

What You Need

  • A video you want to edit and upload to YouTube
  • Video editing software that allows multiple tracks
  • Computer with Internet connection
  • Animated YouTube subscribe button video clip - If you don't already have one, you can get them right here on

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How to Add an Animated YouTube Subscribe Button to Your Videos

Open your editing software and import your video and your animated clip.

Drag your animated clip to the point in your video where you want it to appear.

You have a couple of options and it's really going to depend upon your editing software. You can either get a clip that already has a transparent background or you can get on that you can modify with the Color Key feature in your software.

Adjust any Color Key elements as you see fit.

 Adjust the size and position of the animated YouTube subscribe button, so it appears where you want it on the screen.

A verbal cue to subscribe when this clip appears will also drive your call-to-action home, so if you mentioned subscribing in your video, try positioning it there.

Edit your video as normal otherwise.

Once you're finished, you're ready to render and upload as you normally would. 

Here's to gaining more subscribers!

Did You Find This Helpful?

I hope you found this article helpful. Did you see an increase in your subscribers once you started using an animated button? I did! 

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